‘Soda.suite is a touch screen, remote & interactive digital presentation suite that showcases & sells architecture, interior design schemes, digital photoshoots & manufacturers showrooms‘

Soda.suite at a glance

Soda.suite is the future of architectural, interior spaces and showroom presentations.

Freedom to Walk Anywhere
4K Infinite Render Downloads Instantly
Virtual Reality
360 Spaces & online tours
Configurable & Interactive Components
Cinematic Presentation Playback

Drone Fly Mode
Embedded Content, Floor Plans, Imagery & more
Preset Hero Location Shots
Live Streaming
Lan Networking

Soda.suite concessions

So what makes up a concession? To coincide with the introduction of our latest developments in interactive and immersive technologies, SODA. We’ve put together the hardware you will need to consider to deliver a seamless pitch & marketing presentation.

55′ Touch Screen Display (Optional)

PC/Laptop with the Appropriate Specification

Virtual Reality Headset. (Optional)

Game Controller

And a desire to create an unforgettable presentation


Soda.suite live

We believe Soda.suite live (AKA pixel streaming) is the future of architectural presentations, commercial interior pitches & online manufacturers showrooms. A web-based real-time presentation platform Soda.suite live follows in the footsteps of Apples ‘Arcade‘ and Googles ‘Stadia‘ and illustrates the future of real-time 3D and online immersive entertainment.

Realtime presentations have established themselves in the architectural, design & build and property sector…