What does Soda do & include?

Soda.suite is a touch screen, remote & interactive digital presentation suite that showcases & sells architecture, interior design schemes, digital photoshoots & manufacturers showrooms. As realtime interactive technology developed by the gaming industry develops so does our ability to harness it potential. We truly believe the developments by the likes of Unreal Engine are the future of industry and we created the prefect platform to showcase its power. Whether it be a physical presence in any showroom online streaming the possibilities are endless.

So How does the process work?

The process is the same as traditional CGI & Animation creation & procurement. We build the entire scene/building with the added benefits realtime gaming software & technology.

The result, total freedom.


There are no limits. Soda offers total freedom. Walk anywhere in realtime. Our drone mode adds more dynamism. Fly anywhere and view your project/site from any perspective.

Touch Screen

Our custom User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) allows for an unforgettable experience. Intuitive and subtle. Giving your project the space it needs to shine. Add your project details and brand. 

Instant Imagery

Soda can down load high resolution 4K imagery straight to you desktop. Whether its a configure space with a simple press of the capture button a 4K image is sent to your desktop for you to view and use. This is limitless and instant.

Cinematic Presentation Playback

Soda can play back any series and pans and sweeps to great stunning cinematic presentations. These can be downloaded as traditional videos for you to use anywhere. They also show any changes you’ve made to scene. A realtime representation of your project.

Interactive & Configurable

Soda offers fully interactive and customisable content. Lighting levels, doors opening and closing, configuarable colours and finishes. All represented instantly. 

Preset Hero Location Shots

Our preset hero shots are camera angles that best show your project and we can navigate to them instantly via the UI. 

360 Spaces & Online Live Guided Tours

360 spaces and be extracted and used as an online 360 tour. Our 360 tours are a powerful tool and very accessible. The perfect addition and permanent reference for any project post pitch our as an online presentation. Our 360 tours can offer a very comprehensive solution similar to Soda. With embedded content and VR compatible.

Virtual Reality

We offer several levels of VR to create unforgettably immersive experiences. Utilising the latest in VR tech. Oculus, HTC are just some if the hardware available to you.

Drone Mode

The sky’s the limit. Our drone mode allows you to fly anywhere and at any height. Giving you an amazing perspective on any site/project. Use our preset hero shots to move effortlessly and quickly. Our mini map feature helps to navigate. 

Embedded Content

To add more value Soda can manage, present any 2d content. Embed your 2d plans, imagery, contact details. AS useful and informative addition for any presenter or customer.

Soda.suite Live

We believe Soda.suite live (AKA pixel streaming) is the future of architectural presentations, commercial interior pitches & online manufacturers showrooms. A web-based real-time presentation platform Soda.suite live follows in the footsteps of Apples ‘Arcade‘ and Googles ‘Stadia‘ and illustrates the future of real-time 3D and online immersive entertainment.

Realtime presentations have established themselves in the architectural, design & build and property sector…

Lan Networking

Every computer can communicate with any other computers of the Soda network. Talk to each other and follow avatars. The perfect tool for online and networked presentations.

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